Tussen Takk


Ah Norway … what a lovely part of the world, wish I could have stayed another month or so.

Whilst in Bergen I visited this gallery and purchased a print :


Ketil Kvam artwork

(Reproduced with the artist’s permission)

Thank you Ketil Kvam for making such delightful art.

Needless to say I am going to be looking at producing some work in the following months that reflect my impressions of the southern Norwegian landscape … I hope I can capture the atmosphere!

Vanity galleries

I’ve been approached by two galleries in the past month – one in New York and the other in London –  sometimes it’s hard to see this as it really is – i.e. nothing more than cheap flattery.  Neither gallery really has any clue about my work or me and asking people to pay for ‘space’ on a wall in some purportedly legit gallery is a joke.  I’ve been writing professionally for many years and I would never look at vanity publishing, if the work is good enough then a professional publishing house will take over all the costs;  the same goes for art marketing.    What do others think about this topic?


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