Abstract on paper – larger -A3 size 2


“Flight (for Laura)”

Inks (metallic and standard), acrylics, irridescent medium, on 140lb A3 size acid free Acrylic paper  (Oh and I did so cheat, using a Google search for line drawings … wickedness. Laziness. Well it’s Sunday)

Actual size of painting:   14½” x 9¾”

Close ups of texture detail


DSCN4879 DSCN4880

Thanks for the inspiration, Laura 🙂

3 thoughts on “Abstract on paper – larger -A3 size 2

  1. Wow, me?! Thanks so much, Luke!!! It’s so gorgeous! Mine didn’t work out today, maybe later in the week. I love the freedom in your birds; they are really reaching for the stars. So glad to have inspired you, and thanks for the mention! 😀

  2. I cocked up with the one bird, I see it’s in the wrong position … oh well, it was worth a go. I liked doing all the layers with the printing technique. 🙂

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