“In the field”

10″ x 8″

Acrylics, Inks, collage, gels, gold foil on acrylic canvas board/panel.

Close ups of texture:

DSCN5890 DSCN5892

I’ve been in a bit of the creative doldrums since I returned from South Africa, artistically speaking.  Pottering about with clay hasn’t really helped, it’s just made me work small and that’s not what I’m about.  I decided yesterday that I needed to put all the clay away and get back to er ‘making art’ … lest I forget how.

Again, I’m working small, so I wasn’t feeling very confident.   I started working with tissue and forming the texture, the ground … I wasn’t really sure where I was going other than I wanted the little panel to express a feeling of wide open space and emotional depth.     Then I got to thinking about the other evening when my daughter and I were travelling home from doing our shopping.   It’s almost harvest time here and the wheat and barley in the fields is very high, golden brown and thick.   In this vast expanse of golden beige, there he was just popping his head out of the grasses to have a look around.  So he became the inspiration for this final bit of rather naive collage.

I hope to be able to get going with a very large canvas I have sitting around downstairs next week, it’s calling to me.

9 thoughts on “Doodling

  1. Boy I wish this is how I painted when I was in the creative doldrums! I just love this! And so glad you showed the closeup of the deer, which I didn’t notice in the large shot. Was that part collaged, or did you paint it? Either way it is amazing and I love it! I’m so glad to see your work in my reader again as this textured stuff is really the way I wanna take my acrylic work. And you started with tissue paper? I need to try this. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your gifts with us!

    1. Thanks so much Laura! Yes, it’s collaged, I couldn’t trust myself to paint it in. I’m going to try and do a video next time of the process I use to create my paintings, should be a fun exercise and I hope you find it inspiring. I’m so glad that you are encouraged by my work!

      1. I just love your stuff, really wanting to get more depth and texture and your work really inspires me to go higher. And your color choices are always sublime. Really love it. So glad to see you back!

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