With apologies to him*

New paper, new challenges. 

I have been thinking a lot about *Cézanne, especially because I will be going to the exhibition at Tate Modern in October.  To try something different, I had a go at producing a quick study based very loosely on his ‘The Bibémus Quarry’ painting. My version is with earth pigments, charcoal and some soft pastels on the Fabriano Pittura paper.  I’m not sure I like this paper yet, the ‘line’ texture on the surface kinda irritates me.  Anyway, we’ll see if it grows on me or not.  

‘After Cézanne‘ Earth pigments, carcoal and soft passtels on 400gsm Fabriano Pittura paper 31x31cm

Cézanne’s original painting was done around about 1895 in oils 65x80cm:

‘The Bibémus Quarry’ Cézanne oils on canvas

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