I’ve been invited to exhibit around 15 works of mine for a show happening at the beginning of November. The venue is just down the road from me. I exhibited there a few years ago (before the pandemic struck). It’s a bit nerve-wracking trying to figure out what pieces to include. The clientele around here all seem to like ‘pretty pictures’ i.e. figurative stuff that’s instantly recognisable – they don’t tend to go for abstract paintings – so I don’t think my earth pigment pieces will sell at this venue. I decided to focus on soft pastel or mixed media work and so far I’m thinking of these ones:

Framed pieces – one large (Fjord), one medium (storm over fields – A2) and three smaller

Plus 10 x small pieces (all of them are no larger than A3 – mounted but not framed). I’m not sure about including the first two flowery thingies or the monotypes ?? Aargh!

I’ll probably include a selection of hand-made note cards too, as I make these al the time. Anyway, I’ll update this post with more details once they start putting up advertising. Wish me luck!

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