2022 a year of massive change in my life.

It started out fairly quietly then … wham! Iceland, Solo Camping (a few times), Wales, Covid, falling on my face, art exhibition, two painting commissions, Liverpool, earth pigments, giving art lessons, starting a new job, getting an increase, having great family get togethers and parties. I’m still obsessed with someone who doesn’t really care but I’m happy. My life has been good this year, despite smashing my face up and a few other injuries/Covid – I can’t complain. My financial situation has improved – due to the new job and yes, I passed Painting 2.1 (67%) … I start the next course ‘How Paintings Work’ in January 2023.

I hope everyone who passes by, has a wonderful time over the festive season. Keep safe, look after yourself and those you care about. Don’t forget to hug someone who needs it. Give love, it may even come back to you (it’s taking its time for me but I never give up hope). Remember you are fabulous. I’ll probably duplicate this post on Instagram.

Here are some of the art highlights in collage format:


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