Towards the middle of January, I acquired a new(-er … than the old one) car, so I can now get out and go to wilder places and not feel so cooped up. Here’s my little pocket rocket.

I have been feeling a bit low, in the art department, for a while – mainly due to the fact that I am (still) in limbo waiting for next painting course to start. I have now discovered that it will only be April, due to major cock-ups between SFE and OCA … ho hum. In the meantime, I have done bits and pieces (mostly soft pastels):

I have tried out Unison soft pastels (I used them for the small tree study up there on the right). I have also ordered Koh-i-Noor soft pastel pencils and some Caran D’Ache soft pastel paper – I haven’t worked with either of these products before, so it will be interesting to see how that works out.

I am in discussions with my IT consultant (har, har that’s my son) to figure out how I can really vamp up this website and make it start earning its keep.

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