Yesht, so I have managed to eventually get myself sorted out with a bit of space to paint in.   I tried it out today because the rest of the family have gone away for the weekend, so I could make as much mess as I liked and actually get to concentrate on something for a whole day. Wonderful.    I made a little video of the process I use to make paintings on stretched canvas (that are considered abstract) … I don’t work like this all the time.

Anyway, hope you enjoy and I’d appreciate comments on my video if you have the time (or inclination) … be brutal, I can take it.  [Yeah, right] This is the finished product:

DSCN6200 (2)

‘Sea and Sand’

21 ½” x 18″ x ½”   [55cm x 46cm x 1.5cm]

Acrylics and inks on stretched canvas.



New soft pastel work


“Woodland Light”

14 ¼” x 10 ¼”  Soft pastels on paper


Footnote:    I got hold of this with the Galeria gloss medium – the idea was to see if this medium would be compatible and protect the pastels better than a fixative spray.   What seems to have happened is the tones have darkened – the painting is still interesting, I think and perhaps more atmospheric.  I have matted and mounted it behind cellophane – photo just to show difference in tonality.


Ink landscapes

Yes, I’ve been absent from WordPress for quite a while … the whole of November has been a bit of a bugger up on my side – mainly because I’ve been in and out of hospital.  I’m on the mend now and getting stronger all the time but it’s been a very long, stressful and  frustrating process, don’t recommend it.

I was doodling about with inks recently, just to see if I could still do something artistic while I was feeling so down.   So here are the results … one (the daisies) was a request from a friend of my daughters, I hope she likes it.




New work

I’m trying to generate work that resonates with my impressions of the Norfolk countryside … particularly during the spring/summer months and when the rape seed is flowering.    This is a latest study:

Original Acrylic Painting

“Abstract Field”

61cm x 61cm

Acrylic and contractor’s caulk on stretched canvas.

Texture detail:

DSCN3902 DSCN3903


On the 6th December we are having a village fair held at our local church and I’m exhibiting 7 pieces there.  I’ve chosen 7 paintings, including the above new one and these others:

DSCN2416 Fly Fishing in Perth 24x18 Poured 16x12 Study for Rapeseed DSCN3583 DSCN1820

Just spent this morning edging them all properly, putting labels on the back, varnishing etc. etc. … so I hope I can sell something!